How many times did you think about how good it would be to know the future? How many times did you regret about not being able to foresee something like the outcome of your favorite sporting event? Well, future is hidden from everyone, but IntelliTipster is the way to know a little more than others about the future! This unique piece of software relies on the most advanced technology available today to deliver amazing 84% accurate team sports match outcome predictions directly to your very own desktop - as simple as that.

Why IntelliTipster's predictions are that precise? Simple. This success is a result of the perfect combination of constantly growing statistical information database (now includes detailed data about more than 203,000 matches, and counting) used as a basis for analysis, performed by the Themis Forecasting Engine. We designed this engine to be the ideal team sports forecasting tool: it utilizes multiple artificial intelligence techniques (such as adaptive neural networks and genetic algorithms) supported by powerful statistical analysis methods, mathematical simulations and dynamically tuned match profiling.

Besides, IntelliTipster offers you a very convenient league management and tracking environment. Keeping eye on your favorite league has never been so straightforward! The new web update feature will ensure that you are always working with the latest league data - effortlessly! All you'll ever need is IntelliTipster and an Internet connection. As easy as that. But don't worry - IntelliTipster will not flood you with loads of absolutely irrelevant information. Carefully selected statistics (take a look at this screenshot) will provide you with an accurate overview of an upcoming event and will provide you with all the really necessary information for your own analysis. We specifically design our software so that the information it provides is well structured, concise and easy to find!

Finally, with IntelliTipster you will be able to export any data (e.g., in the CSV format) and use it in a third-party application of your choice. Thanks to this feature your sports league management becomes incredibly flexible! Imagine not being tied up to a single application, but having an opportunity to enhance your analysis with other tools. But wait, there's more! Please refer to the detailed feature list to find out what is IntelliTipster capable of and how it makes lives of sports analysts and fans much easier by automating casual tasks that otherwise would have been taken a lot of precious time to complete. But now you can get full and accurate information within seconds!

Check out the advantages of becoming a registered user for an affordable $34.95! You will receive free minor product upgrades (since IntelliTipster is developing rapidly, we are upgrading it frequently to bring you all of the additional functionality that we add as soon as possible), free priority technical support and more... We hope you enjoy using IntelliTipster, and we are putting a lot of effort in making our product even better. Therefore we are always grateful to our contributing users for all the comments and suggestions that help us improve the quality and value of our software, so please feel free to contact us!