How do I start using IntelliTipster?

The easiest way to quickly start using IntelliTipster after installing it is to download a fresh league file from our web site, save it somewhere on your PC (e.g., on a desktop; either way, you can move or copy the league files around as you like, also afterward), and then simply double-click the league file. IntelliTipster will open it, and you will be able to see scores, fixtures, team standing, statistics, make forecasts, etc.

Does IntelliTipster work on Windows 7,8,10?

Intellitipster Currently works on all version of windows Pc. We have also released the mobile version and its available for download too.

Is it possible to export IntelliTipster data into a third-party application?

IntelliTipster allows exporting any of the views as it is in a CSV format. Then, a file in the CSV format may be imported into another application. Please check the documentation of the application you intend to import data into to find out whether it supports CSV import.

Is it possible to take into account previous season's standings when forecasting this season's matches?

Yes, it is possible to specify the previous season’s standings, which will be taken into account by the rating system when initial ratings are assigned in the beginning of the current season. 

How do I view the current league table

First, switch to the teams view either by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+T hot key or via the View menu, then click on the Points column header to sort teams by points in the descending order. Now, given you have all the results up to date, you will end up with the current league table

What does outcome prediction accuracy (84%) mean?

Naturally, there’s no means of knowing the future for sure, meaning that no prediction method would give you a 100% accuracy. However, IntelliTipster utilizes advanced forecasting techniques, which is why it is capable of making very accurate predictions, in some cases (for some leagues) it may reach 84%, meaning that outcomes of 84 matches out of 100 were predicted correctly. Since IntelliTipster produces outcome probabilities, the correct prediction is defined to be such that it has the highest probability for the correct outcome. As an example, let’s assume that some match is predicted as 60%-30%-10% (home win – draw – away win) and it actually ends with a home win; in such a case the prediction has been correct, since the probability for the home win has been the highest of all three outcomes possible.